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Airport Industry - L853 Taxiway Marker
FlexStake makes five markers that are particularly well suited for airport use. Because of their ability to withstand multiple traffic hits at up to 80 mph, the FlexStake HD, SM, and TM are used on runways and taxi strips. At speeds up to 80mph, these posts can be run over by a plane without damage to landing gear or post.


Airport Marker 652.5

Anchor:    Ground Mount
Colors:     R, W, B, G
Height:    30 inches

FlexStake's 652.5 airport marker is an all-weather, tubular ground mounted delineator that can take 30 -100 more hits than our competitors posts. Our tubular ground mount delineators are highly visible at 360 degrees.

The post is color impregnated, UV stabilized, copolymer extrusion-impact resistant. Post is extruded from a semi-flexible hi-impact polymer. The hinge is hi-density, all-weather polymer, mechanically fastened to a patented barbed anchor that really stays in the ground. The anchor is hi-density polymer that is unaffected by adverse soil conditions.

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Airport Marker 752.5

MTBF*:       Over 75 hits at 55 mph
Height Above Grade:     30 inches
Anchor:       Surface or Ground Mount
Weights:     From 2.25 to 2.5 lbs.
Colors:        R, W, B, G
Sheeting:    Reflective

Flexstake 752.5 tubular surface mount airport marker is an ultra hi-impact channelizer.  Less than 5% breakage after nine months exposure.  The 752.5  has 360 degree visibility . In case of breakage, post section is easily replaced without demounting anchor.

Though similar to the duplex SM, the tubular post hinge and inner core have been strengthened to carry the additional weight and stress of the heavier post. The tubular post itself is a long-life, color-impregnated, UV stabilized, special polymer extrusion.

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