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Trench Covers

We carry Road Trench Covers in 27" and  35". Both take the weight of a vehicle up to 4410 lbs, have an anti-slip surface and beveled edges to prevent tripping. These trench covers deter medal thieves as they are molded from a single piece of fiberglass composite with an underside that has a ribbed framework for added strength. We recommend bolting the trench cover to the road surface.
      27" Trench Cover - 47.2"L x 31.5"W -  26.5 lbs    (recommended for trenches up to 27")
     35" Trench Cover - 63"L x 47.2"W -  73 lbs      (recommended for trenches up to 35")
Item # Description   Price 1-9     10-20   21-49
PP-CSP-TC27-Y 27" Trench Cover $141.96 131.04 121.67
PP-CSP-TC35-Y 35" Trench Cover $296.62 273.81 254.24

Pedestrian Trench Covers

Our Pedestrian Trench Cover is Ideal for Sidewalk Construction, it has an anti-slip surface and smooth rubber edges that greatly reduce tripping hazards. These are for pedestrians only as they take up to 553 lbs and cover trenches up to 27.5". There is no need to bolt this trench cover down as it resists sliding because of the flexible material which grips the surface underneath.
      Pedestrian Trench Cover - 44.3"L x 44.3"W -  62 lbs    (recommended for trenches up to 27.5")
Item # Description   Price 1-9     10-20   21-49
PP-CSP-TCPED-Y Pedestrian Trench Cover with smooth rubber edges $199.85 186.33 173.03

Safekerb Pedestrian Curb Ramp

Our Pedestrian SAFEKERB Curb Ramp is molded of high density polyethylene and has an anti-slip surface and raised sides to prevent vehicle run off. These ramps withstand loads up to 553 lbs and cover trenches up to 27.5".
The ramp stacks nicely for transport and storage. We recommend bolting the curb ramp to the road and walkway surface for added stability.
Specifications:  50"L x 29.5"W x 3"H  -  13.2 lbs   (adapts to curb heights from 3" to 6.3")
Item # Description   Price 1-9     10-20   21-49
PP-CSP-CURB-Y Yellow SafeKerb Curb Ramp $111.26 102.70 95.37



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